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The Nautical Training Corps (or NTC) is a uniformed youth organisation based in the south of England, aiming to help young people develop their full potential. The Nautical Training Corps was established in 1944, as a self-funded alternative to the Sea Cadet Corps. More information about the NTC is available from the NTC website.

The NTC is now well known in many local communities as a dedicated youth organisation, that is dedicated to it's many NTC cadets and young people. The Nautical Training Corps and NTC are two ways that the Corps is often referred to.

The NTC or (Nautical Training Corps is in now way associated with other youth organisations like the Sea Cadets (or Sea Cadet Corps), or the Navy Training Corps. We should especially point out that we are not associated with the Navy Training Corps as they also refer to their youth organisation as the NTC. To find out more about the Navy Training Corps, visit the Navy Training Corps website.