Shedfield National Camp
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Thank you for choosing to support the Nautical Training Corps' weekend activity camp. Please submit this form before 1st August. Book early to avoid disappointment, as we have a limited capacity!

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Please provide the following information as accurately as you can.

We do not expect you to commit to these numbers, but we do ask for an accurate estimate. You will need to provide us with final numbers by the start of the camping month.

We ask for a £20 deposit (which will be deducted from your final invoice) to secure your booking. Please make cheques payable to 'Southern Region, Nautical Training Corps'. If your unit is unable to pay this deposit, please contact Southern Regional Commander before sending this form. Due to a large number of cancellations in previous years, we are unable to accept bookings without a deposit.

To send you booking deposit. Once your online booking form has been submitted, Souther Regional Commander will email you directly to give you details on where to send your booking deposit.

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